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Wire Comb

This hair comb put your hair together gently with wire teeth which set equally and soft shape which fit your head.
We use materials, PL plating which is quite harmless since it touchs your body directly.


Main body
We produce our hair comb knitting circle and flat iron wires using the upper iron after the order.
Metal plating
It's all made in Japan. You can see the difference because it does not peel off soon after using.
It's painted beautifully by craftsmen with more than 30 years' experience.
Wire Comb

Non-straggling hair comb

You can bend it freely because it does not contain the flat iron wire. This product is all handmade. It will help you to make your hair perfect.

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Non-straggling hair comb

Order guide

We take wire comb order from 10 cases (1 case includes 10 wire combs).
It is possible to make various color combination.
Please click "Go shopping" below this page for your purchase.

(eg) Black plating wire comb (4 cases) + Silver color wire comb (6 cases) = total: 10 cases

Please send the defective goods back to us with shipping free and we re-send another one to you.
Please feel free to ask us if you have any questions.

*It is great helpful if you send the defective goods back to us as quickly as you can within 7 days after you notice it.
*You might recieve the parcel approximately about a week by the stock status.

Dear customers ordering wire combs of gold plating

Please contact us about the price of the gold plating wire comb because the cost price can be changed.


Please be careful about the handling if you have allergic for metal or plating.
Please mind that child would not put goods in mouth.

number of wire teeth Black painting*There gloss Plating
*except gold plating
10 teeth 100 JPY 110 JPY
15 teeth 110 JPY 130 JPY
18 teeth 130 JPY 140 JPY
22 teeth 160 JPY 180 JPY
30 teeth 220 JPY 250 JPY
36 teeth 320 JPY 350 JPY
80 teeth 630 JPY 740 JPY