Membership registration

Please read the below terms of use before registrating the membership.

As a conditions of using this website, you agree to comply with and be subject to all of the following terms and conditions of use.
You can be MIKASA's member when you read the terms and conditions, and then click "Agree" button.

Article 1 (Membership)

  1. 'Membership' is the person who agree with these terms and conditions, and sign up for our menbership.
  2. 'Membership informaiton' is information about personal information and order history.
  3. These terms and conditions are applied to all members and you need to keep it while the registration process and after the registration.

Article 2 (Registraiton)

  1. Membership qualification
    After agreement and applying, you are qualified to be the official member. Please proceed with the registraiton by yourself. We do not accept registraiton by proxy. We might reject the registration from the person who was revoked menbership in the past, or who does NOT deserve to be our member.
  2. Entry of member information
    Please fill out the registration form correctly after reading precautions. Please avoid to put special symbols, old style chinese characters, and Roman figures. We will correct these characters when it is entered.
  3. Password management
    1. Only person who is member could use password, and you could not give or lend it to others.
    2. We recommend that you change your password at regular intervals for security.
    3. Members take responsibility for payment or other troubles even if you didn't login and purchase anything from us.

Article 3 (Change)

  1. Members have to inform us immediately after you change your member's name, or address which are registered.
  2. We assume no responsibility for any loss caused by not informing us of changing personal information. Please note that services will be provided based on registered informaiton even if you already change your registered information.

Article 4 (Withdrawal)

Article 5 (Forfeit of membership qualification and Recompense)

  1. We may back out membership qualification when members submit false statements on membership registration, when members neglect their duty of paying of order, and when there are any reasons we think that you do not deserve being the membership.
  2. Members would be ordered to pay dameges when they are taking action below:
    1. Use membership number and password fraudulently.
    2. Obstruct our business by falsifying informaiton in our website, and sending harmful computer programs to us.
    3. Impinge on intellectual ownership rights of items we are dealing.
    4. Act against these terms and conditions.

Article 6 (Membership imformation)

  1. We don't, in principle, disclosure membership information to third parties without membership's permission in advance. However, we disclosure any information of the membership without the permission in case following the cases happen.
    1. We are claimed based on laws
    2. We judge to need it in order to protect our rights, benefit or fame
  2. We manage membership information based on our "Privacy Policy". We may use information for research and statistical analysis, to improve customer satisfaction, high standard of product and service, strong and smooth operation.
  3. We may provide our informaiton to members through mail magazine, advertisement, or other methods. We would stop providing information when members tell us that it is unnecesarry. Please note that you can not unsubscribe in regard to essential information of our operational service.

Article 7 (Prohibited matter)

Article 8 (Interruption and stop of services)

Article 9 (Change and abolishment of services)

Article 10 (Disclaimer)

  1. We assume no responsibility for system interrupt, delay, stop and data loss which is caused by connection or computer problem. In addition, we assume no responsibility for any damage caused by illegal access or our service.
  2. We do NOT give assurance that our mail contents sent via our webiste, server, and domain do NOT include malicious program such as computer virus.
  3. We assume no responsibility for damage caused by the violation of the rules.

Article 11 (Revision of these terms)

Article 12 (Governing law, Competent court)