Shopping guide

Shopping Guide

1. Add items to your bag

*Notice the difference of purchase way depending on product.

◆Wire combs
Add to cart after you choose how many wire feet, cases and what color you want.
* You can buy wire combs from 10 cases at least.
Add to cart after you choose how plating or no plating and what color you want. Then you type how many case you need.
*No color option would be displayed unless you choose plating.
*Choose "No plating" for plating and color select if you would like original one.
◆Wire comb with a clip
Add to cart after typing how many cases you need.

2. Check your bag

The screen of shopping bag is displayed and items you chose are also displayed.
Click 'Go shopping' and return to the product page when you order other products.

You can change the number of cases, or remove items. Click "Proceed to checkout" to check out.

*Please order them totally 10 cases of them at least.

3. Check out

New customer need membership registration. Fill out required field and click "continue". Then you can register it unless there is any mistake. After the registration, click "continue" again.

Enter an e-mail address and a password, and click "Login" when you are a returning customer. Then you will proceed with "Delivery address".

4. Payment and shipping

You may transfer money into our Japanese bank account if you order from overseas.

We display the price in Japanese currency. The price would be change because of the exchange rate.
We will inform you about day of shipping.

You may pay extra fee of shipping to overseas. Adding 100 JPY per case of items.

If you would like to pay with paypal, please enter " Pay with paypal" in other inquiry field.

*Please note: you can not arrange at a specified day of delivery.

5. Confirmation of your order

Push the button of "submit the order" to complete your checkout after check your information you entered are correct.

6. E-mail announcement

E-mail will automatically be sent to your e-mail address.
If you do not receive our email, there is possibility of the system trouble.
Please contact us by telehone or contact form.

7. Check completed items

We will send to you an email attached photo of ordered item when your item is ready.
We will inform you about day of shipping.

8. Delivery

We'll email you confirmed shipping once your parcel has left us.

* Parcel
Your parcel will be shipped being protected by simple packing.
(Note : it is not gift wrapping)