About us

About us

We, MIKASA hair comb established in 1956, since then we have made efforts for the production which made full use of iron wire and sales together with associated company to make products better.
Every single day, we are trying to improve the skill as a craftsman. The motto is "Creating the stunning products with customer's satisfaction".

Repeat of the simple work, this is why our product has "wisdom" and "the guts" of the craftsman, we always value this. This is our motto.
We are very proud that we can provide reasonable price and beautiful products. We can say no other maker can do that.

We have been trying to create new products since 2001 which made use of the characteristics of the wire such as headband or hair pin in addition to a major products.
Also we will try the best for the product development and marketing.

Please expect our future growth.

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These days, there are a lot of imitations imported from the neighboring countries in the market.
They are sold as expensive as ours even though not as good as our quality.
We truly hope that we would like clients to think again what the true quality is, judging the products with your eye.